MG Mitchell - aka the Red Rascal


About the artist

Artist and maker Madisen "MG" Mitchell was born and raised in the great state of Wyoming.  She draws her inspiration from the natural beauty and wilderness that surrounds her.  Dealing mostly with found objects, she creates one of a kind, multi-textural, mixed media pieces that are as unique and varied as the western landscape that influences her work.  

But why "Red Rascal"?

The nickname, "Red Rascal" was given to Madisen by her father.  "He really liked this comic in the Sunday newspaper called Doonesbury, and one of the characters was named that. My dad has been in emergency services my whole life, so he appropriated the title as my codename. I also have red hair, so the name just stuck!" 


Spirit of the works

The creation process of Madisen's artwork is relatively organic. 

"I like to gather materials together and see what works, or what doesn't.  The pieces start talking, and then I start arranging them."  The artist feels that there is no better way to make things than to let them come together on their own. 


Design care

Keep out of reach of potential bump hazards,  as the pieces have a tendency to be fragile. However, life happens!  Please do not hesitate to reach out if repairs are needed.

To clean your RRD, use a damp cloth to wipe away dust, or gently spray with a can of compressed air.  Remember not to get too close to the piece while you blow the dust away!